DeFi Analytics: Navigating with Insight and Precision

Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making with our meticulously curated DeFi Analytics Services. These platforms provide you with in-depth insights, real-time data, and comprehensive analytics, helping you navigate the complex landscape of decentralized finance with confidence and clarity. Whether you're a seasoned investor, a DeFi enthusiast, or a project developer, our selection of analytics services offers valuable tools for monitoring network activities, tracking portfolio performance, and analyzing market trends. Immerse yourself in a reservoir of knowledge, where data points transform into actionable insights, guiding you through the ever-evolving terrain of DeFi opportunities and challenges. With DeFi Analytics Services, illuminate your path to financial freedom with the brilliance of data intelligence.


APY.Vision is an analytics platform tracking liquidity pool gains and impermanent loss, helping investors optimize returns across various decentralized finance protocols.


DeFiLlama is a comprehensive DeFi dashboard aggregating data across multiple blockchains, enabling users to compare protocols, and monitor yields.


Dune provides blockchain ecosystem analytics, enabling users to explore, visualize, and share decentralized finance data across various blockchains using SQL​​.


Etherscan is an Ethereum blockchain explorer for searching, verifying, and exploring transactions, addresses, with tools to monitor network activity, and execute transactions.

Icy Tools provides real-time NFT market insights, analytics, and tracking across marketplaces with features like real-time feeds, detailed charts, custom watchlists, and instant alerts.


L2BEAT is a Layer 2 analytics platform examining Ethereum's Layer 2 projects, offering insights on technologies, market shares, usage, and total value locked on DeFi.


LoanScan assists in discovering high interest accounts, allowing users to earn through decentralized finance, with variable and fixed rate options.


Nanoly showcases top DeFi vaults daily across multiple blockchains, aiding users in identifying trending vault opportunities for enhanced asset management.


Nansen offers on-chain insights for decentralized finance (DeFi) investors and teams, providing analytics and data to identify top investors and investment opportunities.

Token Terminal

Token Terminal aggregates financial data from various blockchains and decentralized applications, aiding users in analyzing and comparing crypto projects based on diverse metrics. provides a platform for exploring yield farming opportunities across various blockchains and DeFi projects, aiding users in navigating the yield farming landscape.


Zapper provides DeFi portfolio management and analysis, offering insights on your and others financial activities within the decentralized finance ecosystem.


Zerion aggregates various DeFi protocols, enabling users to manage portfolios, track investments, and explore DeFi opportunities through a unified interface.