Submissions Policy

Interested in Contributing to DefiShills?

DefiShills is a dedicated platform for DeFi enthusiasts, cryptocurrency experts, blockchain advocates, and anyone with unique insights to share. We encourage guest contributions from individuals who can provide valuable content to our readers.

What Types of Contributions Are We Seeking?

At DefiShills, our mission is to provide informative and educational content to the DeFi community. We focus on offering the best in cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, and services. Explore our platform at to understand our audience and the topics we cover.

To submit your content or inquire about contributing, please reach out to us via email at for content verification.

Submitting DeFi Wallets, Exchanges, and Services

If you're interested in featuring your DeFi wallet, exchange, or service on our platform, please contact us via email. Our team will carefully evaluate your project to ensure it aligns with our high standards. If your project is selected, you will receive notification via email.

To streamline the listing process, we encourage you to provide comprehensive information about your project. Feel free to share details about affiliate programs, discounts, and other promotional materials that we can highlight to benefit our audience.

Requirements for Submitted Content

Each submitted post should include a captivating headline. Some of our most popular articles answer significant questions or offer highly shareable content.

We do not accept content that has been previously published elsewhere or is plagiarized.

Content must deliver valuable insights. Our website serves as a hub for addressing basic and complex questions about decentralized finance. Therefore, we aim to feature the best content available on the web.

Typically, content should range between 1500 and 2500 words. In unique cases, shorter or longer posts may be considered.

All submissions must be the original work of the contributor. DefiShills will not assume responsibility for copyright infringement.

We strive to keep edits to your post to a minimum, though we may request that you make edits before we make any changes. We reserve the right to edit, delete, or include our own affiliate links to ensure the content aligns with our blog's tone and narrative.

Submission Process

You are required to agree to our Submission Agreement as part of the submission process.

Please note that while we welcome all submissions, not all can be published. We may receive more submissions than we can feature, and we reserve the right to reject content that doesn't adhere to our guidelines or doesn't align with our blog's focus.

All submitted posts will undergo review and approval by our team before publication.

You agree to link back to your article from a post or page on your website or any relevant social media platform.

Submission Agreement

All submissions become the sole property of DefiShills. The author remains independent of DefiShills. We retain the right to edit and delete portions of submitted posts at our discretion without author approval.

Please send all submissions to If your post is accepted, you will be informed about the publication date.

If your article is not accepted, you may or may not receive a notification with a reason. Following the guidelines above and staying within the topic suggestions increases the likelihood of your submission being chosen.

Thank you for joining us in promoting decentralized finance awareness with DefiShills!