Rabby Wallet: Your Gateway to DeFi

Why Choose Rabby Wallet for DeFi?

Rabby Wallet is designed to offer users an effortless multi-chain experience for interacting with DeFi platforms. It automatically selects the appropriate blockchain network for each dApp, removing the need for manual switching. Rabby Wallet also prioritizes security with features like transaction previews, risk scanning, and security alerts to protect your assets.

Key Highlights:

  • Seamless Multi-Chain Integration: Developed by DeBank, Rabby Wallet supports over 10,000 cryptocurrencies and NFTs across Ethereum and 141 other EVM-compatible chains and testnets.
  • Enhanced Security: Features include pre-transaction risk scanning, transaction previews, and security alerts to help you avoid potential threats.
  • Trusted by Many: With over 400K users on the Chrome web store and more than 10K downloads on Android, Rabby Wallet is a reliable choice for DeFi enthusiasts.

As DeFi continues to evolve, cryptocurrency wallets are improving user interactions with blockchain networks and digital assets. Rabby Wallet stands out for its focus on security and user experience, making it a popular choice among DeFi investors. It offers a smooth multi-chain experience and pre-transaction risk assessments, helping you manage your digital assets more effectively. At the time of writing, the iOS app is still under review. For the safest experience, download Rabby Wallet only from the official website: Rabby Wallet.

What Is Rabby Wallet?

Rabby Wallet is a robust web3 wallet developed by DeBank, a leader in DeFi portfolio tracking. It supports Ethereum and numerous Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains, including Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. With support for 141 chains and testnets, Rabby enables the use of over 10,000 different cryptocurrencies.

Notable Features of Rabby Wallet:

  • Automatic Chain Selection: Rabby Wallet intelligently selects the appropriate blockchain network for each DeFi dApp based on its database, simplifying your user experience.
  • Prioritizing Security: It provides transaction previews showing estimated balance changes before signing transactions, and pre-transaction risk scanning to alert you of potential vulnerabilities.
  • Extensive Multi-Chain Support: By supporting a wide array of chains and tokens, Rabby Wallet ensures comprehensive compatibility for users engaging in DeFi activities.

By integrating these features, Rabby Wallet enhances the DeFi user experience, making it easier and safer to interact with various platforms across multiple blockchain networks. Rabby Wallet is your gateway to a secure and efficient DeFi journey.

How to Install Rabby Wallet Extension

1. Visit the Rabby Official Website:

2. Download and Install the Extension:

  • Choose your preferred browser (Chrome, Brave, etc.) and click the “Download for Chrome” button.
  • Follow the prompts to add the Rabby extension to your browser.
Screenshot of the Rabby Wallet homepage, showing the main features and interface of the Rabby Wallet website.

3. Confirm Installation:

  • For Brave browser users, you might see a prompt confirming the extension's permissions. Click “Add Extension” to proceed.
Screenshot showing the Rabby Wallet extension installation page in a web browser, highlighting the "Add to Browser" button for installing the extension.

By following these steps, you can easily download and install the Rabby Wallet extension for your preferred browser. Once installed, you can proceed to create and set up your wallet.

Setting Up Your Rabby Wallet

Access Rabby Wallet:

1. Open Rabby Wallet: After installing the extension, click on the Rabby Wallet icon in your browser toolbar.

Screenshot showing the Rabby Wallet interface with the prompt to access all decentralized applications (dApps).

Create a New Wallet:

2. Add an Address: You can choose to create a new seed phrase, import an existing one, or connect hardware wallets.

Screenshot showing the options to create a new seed phrase, import an existing one, or connect hardware wallets in Rabby Wallet.

Set Password:

3. Secure Your Wallet: Create a strong password to unlock your wallet and encrypt local data. Ensure it is something secure and memorable.

Screenshot showing the interface for setting a password to secure the Rabby Wallet.

Create New Seed Phrase:

4. Generate a Seed Phrase: Follow the prompts to generate a new seed phrase. This is crucial for recovering your wallet if needed.

Screenshot showing the prompt to create a new seed phrase with security tips in Rabby Wallet.

Backup Seed Phrase:

5. Save Your Seed Phrase: Write down your seed phrase and store it in a safe place. Confirm it by re-entering it in the correct order.

Screenshot showing the backup seed phrase screen with a grid of words and a prompt to save the phrase securely.

Manage Seed Phrase:

6. Confirm Addresses: Once your seed phrase is backed up, you will see the addresses associated with your seed phrase.

Screenshot showing the interface for managing seed phrases and associated addresses in Rabby Wallet.

By following these steps, you will have successfully set up your Rabby Wallet. This process ensures that your wallet is secure and ready to interact with various DeFi platforms.

Receiving Assets in Your Rabby Wallet

After setting up your Rabby Wallet, the next step is to receive assets. Follow these steps to receive cryptocurrency into your Rabby Wallet.

Receive Assets

Access the Receive Function:

1. Open Rabby Wallet: Click on the Rabby Wallet icon in your browser toolbar.
2. Select ‘Receive': Click on the “Receive” button to access your wallet address.
3. Select Network: Choose the appropriate network (e.g., Arbitrum) for the asset you are receiving.

Screenshot showing the Rabby Wallet interface with options to receive assets and select the blockchain network.

Copy Wallet Address:

4. Copy Address: Copy the wallet address or use the QR code to share your address.

Screenshot showing the QR code and wallet address to receive assets in Rabby Wallet.

Transfer from Centralized Exchange (CEX):

5. Initiate Transfer: Log in to your centralized exchange account where your funds are stored.
6. Enter Address: Paste the copied wallet address into the recipient field on the exchange.
7. Select Network and Amount: Ensure the network matches the one you selected in Rabby Wallet (e.g., Arbitrum One) and enter the amount you wish to transfer.
8. Confirm Transfer: Complete the transfer process on the exchange.

Screenshot showing the process of initiating a transfer from a centralized exchange to Rabby Wallet.

By following these steps, you can easily receive assets into your Rabby Wallet from a centralized exchange. This ensures your funds are ready for use in the DeFi ecosystem.

Sending Assets from Your Rabby Wallet

After setting up your Rabby Wallet and receiving assets, you might want to send assets to another address. Follow these steps to send cryptocurrency from your Rabby Wallet.

Send Assets:

1. Open Rabby Wallet: Click on the Rabby Wallet icon in your browser toolbar.
2. Select ‘Send': Click on the “Send” button to initiate a transfer.
3. Fill in the Details: Choose the network (e.g., Arbitrum), enter the recipient's address, and specify the amount you want to send.

Screenshot showing the interface for sending assets from Rabby Wallet.

Confirm the Transaction:

4. Password Confirmation: Enter your wallet password to confirm the transaction.

Screenshot showing the password confirmation prompt for sending assets in Rabby Wallet.

5. Review and Confirm: Check the transaction details, including the gas fees, and then click “Sign and Create” to complete the transfer.

Screenshot showing the transaction summary and confirmation screen for sending assets in Rabby Wallet.

By following these steps, you can send assets securely from your Rabby Wallet to any other address. This ensures that you can manage and transfer your digital assets easily within the DeFi ecosystem.

Using the Rabby Gas Top Up Feature

Rabby Wallet offers a convenient Gas Top Up feature to ensure you always have enough gas for transactions. Here’s how to use it:

Gas Top Up

1. Open Rabby Wallet: Click on the Rabby Wallet icon in your browser toolbar.
2. Select ‘Gas Top Up': Click on the “Gas Top Up” button to initiate the top-up process.
3. Select Chain: Choose the blockchain network for which you need gas (e.g., Avalanche).
4. Select Amount: Choose the amount of gas you want to top up.

Screenshot showing the Gas Top Up function in Rabby Wallet with options to select the blockchain network and amount.

Confirm Payment:

5. Payment Confirmation: Review the total amount, including any service fees. Select the payment token and confirm the payment.

Screenshot showing the payment confirmation screen for topping up gas in Rabby Wallet.

By following these steps, you can easily top up your gas, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted transactions on the selected blockchain.

Swapping Tokens Using Rabby Wallet

Swapping tokens within your Rabby Wallet is straightforward, thanks to its integration with various DEX aggregators. Here's how you can swap USDT to ETH:

Initiate the Swap:

1. Open Rabby Wallet: Click on the Rabby Wallet icon in your browser toolbar.
2. Select ‘Swap': Click on the “Swap” button to begin the token swap process.
3. Fill in Swap Details: Select the chain (e.g., Arbitrum), choose USDT as the token to swap from, and ETH as the token to swap to. Enter the amount of USDT to swap.
4. Get Quotes: Click “Get quotes” to see the available rates from different DEX aggregators.

Screenshot showing the swap interface in Rabby Wallet, with options to swap USDT to ETH.

Select the Best Quote:

5. Review and Select: Compare the quotes and select the best one.

Screenshot showing the available swap quotes from different DEX aggregators in Rabby Wallet.

Approve USDT:

6. Token Approval: Since USDT is an ERC-20 token, you need to approve it for the swap. Click “Approve USDT.”

Screenshot showing the approval prompt for USDT before swapping in Rabby Wallet.

Confirm Approval:

7. Sign the Transaction: Review the transaction details and sign to approve the token.

Screenshot showing the confirmation screen for approving USDT in Rabby Wallet.

Execute the Swap:

8. Complete the Swap: After approval, proceed to swap the tokens. Confirm the swap transaction.

Screenshot showing the final confirmation screen for executing the token swap in Rabby Wallet.

Review Transaction Details:

9. Review Transactions: Check your transaction history to see the swap details.

Screenshot showing the transaction history in Rabby Wallet.

Verify Wallet Balance:

10. Check Balance: Verify that the ETH balance has been updated in your wallet.

Screenshot showing the updated wallet balance after the token swap in Rabby Wallet.

By following these steps, you can easily swap tokens within your Rabby Wallet, utilizing DEX aggregators to get the best rates and ensuring a smooth transaction process.

Rabby Wallet Security Features

Rabby Wallet prioritizes user security, implementing multiple features to ensure the safety of your assets. Here's a detailed look at these features:

1. Transaction Previews:

  • Simulation Results: Before signing a transaction, Rabby provides a detailed preview, showing the estimated balance changes and gas fees.

2. Risk Scanning:

  • Risk Alerts: Rabby scans each transaction for potential risks, such as suspicious contract interactions or high gas fees, and alerts users accordingly.

3. Address Whitelisting:

  • Whitelist Feature: Users can whitelist trusted addresses, ensuring that only pre-approved addresses can receive transactions. This minimizes the risk of sending assets to fraudulent addresses.

4. Detailed Address Information:

  • Address Analysis: Rabby provides detailed information about the recipient address, including its balance, transaction history, and whether it has been whitelisted.
Screenshot showing the transaction preview with detailed information about the recipient address and simulation results in Rabby Wallet.

5. Password Protection:

  • Secure Transactions: Users must enter their password to confirm and sign transactions, adding an additional layer of security.

6. Open Source:

  • Transparency: Rabby Wallet's open-source nature allows anyone to inspect the code, fostering trust and enabling community-driven security audits.

By incorporating these security features, Rabby Wallet ensures a safer experience for users navigating the DeFi ecosystem.

Rabby Points: Rewarding Your Activity

Rabby Wallet rewards its users through the Rabby Points system. This system incentivizes active use of the wallet and engagement with various DeFi activities. Here’s how you can earn and claim Rabby Points:

Earning Rabby Points:

  • Wallet Balance: Maintain a balance in your Rabby Wallet.
  • MetaMask Swap: Use the MetaMask swap feature.
  • Rabby Active User: Regularly use your Rabby Wallet.
  • Valued User Badge: Earn badges through various activities.
  • Rabby Desktop Genesis NFT: Own a Rabby Desktop Genesis NFT.
  • Referral Code: Enter a referral code when claiming points.

Claiming Rabby Points:

  1. Open Rabby Wallet: Click on the Rabby Wallet icon.
  2. Navigate to Rabby Points: Select the “Rabby Points” option.
  3. Enter Referral Code: If you've found this guide helpful, consider entering the referral code “DEFISHILLS” to show your support.
Screenshot showing the Rabby Points claim interface with an option to enter a referral code, such as "DEFISHILLS".

By participating in these activities and entering the referral code, you can accumulate Rabby Points and potentially earn rewards within the Rabby ecosystem.


Rabby Wallet is an essential tool for navigating the world of DeFi, offering seamless multi-chain support, robust security features, and user-friendly functionality. From setting up your wallet to sending and receiving assets, and even swapping tokens, Rabby Wallet ensures a secure and efficient DeFi experience.

By utilizing features such as transaction previews, risk scanning, address whitelisting, and Rabby Points, users can maximize their security and rewards within the DeFi ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the DeFi landscape can be complex, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can make informed and secure decisions. Rabby Wallet's intuitive design and comprehensive security measures make it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned DeFi users. We encourage you to stay informed, explore the various features of Rabby Wallet, and continuously learn to fully leverage the opportunities within DeFi.

What's Next?

To further enhance your security in the DeFi space, consider integrating hardware wallets with Rabby Wallet. Learn how to set up and use hardware wallets like GridPlus, Trezor, and Ledger to ensure your digital assets remain secure.

Read our comprehensive guide: Enhancing Security: Using Hardware Wallets with DeFi

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Rabby Wallet?

Rabby Wallet is a robust web3 wallet developed by DeBank, designed to offer users an effortless multi-chain DeFi experience.

How do I install Rabby Wallet Extension?

To install the Rabby Wallet Extension, visit the Rabby Official Website and go to Rabby Wallet. Then follow the provided instructions for installation.

How do I set up my Rabby Wallet?

To set up your Rabby Wallet, open Rabby Wallet after installing the extension and follow the on-screen instructions for setup.

How do I receive assets in my Rabby Wallet?

After setting up your Rabby Wallet, you can receive assets by following the provided steps within the wallet interface.

How do I send assets from my Rabby Wallet?

After setting up your Rabby Wallet and receiving assets, you can send assets by following the provided steps within the wallet interface.

What are Rabby Points and how do they work?

Rabby Points are part of the rewards system within Rabby Wallet, rewarding users for their activity. Users can earn Rabby Points by engaging with various features of the wallet.


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