• Security & Privacy:
  • User Experience & Interface:
  • Compatibility & Integration:
  • Value Proposition:
  • Trust & Reputation:
3.6/5Overall Score
  • Material: Stone paper notebook
  • Storage: Supports writing of seed phrases and private keys
  • Additional Features: Comes with a Ghost Pen that has waterproof invisible ink and a built-in UV light for revealing the text
  • Provides a completely offline backup solution for crypto and NFT assets.
  • The pages are water and tear-resistant, offering long-lasting use.
  • Lightweight, durable, and cost-effective compared to metal wallets.
  • The built-in UV light on the Ghost Pen provides easy access to the hidden text.
  • May not be as robust as metal cold storage solutions.
  • Requires manual writing, which could lead to human errors.

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